The Mortimer Family

In 1915, the Beauforts auctioned the entire village. Many of the properties were purchased by existing tenants. Wallscourt and Stanley farms were described as being ‘for many years past in the occupation of Messrs Gilbert & Arthur Mortimer’.

The Mortimer family inhabited this farm for about 50 years. A description of life there in the 1930s suggests that farming continued there much as it had for centuries. Hay was cut by scythe and moved with pitchforks. Carthorses were used for heavy work. Twice a day, milk was taken by cart to the Muller Orphanage in Ashley Down. Cowslips grew abundantly in the fields, and Sourmead was covered in ‘emmet tumps’ (anthills). It was not until the 1960s that this centuries-old way of life began to change.

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