The Future

At first, it would seem that the outlook for this little wood is rather forlorn. The fields, woods and hedgerows that once surrounded it, have disappeared. Huge, shiny buildings now surround it and those who work there have no apparent need for timber or firewood. In addition, further developments are planned in the grounds of Hewlett Packard, this will be to a mix of housing and business development. It seems that the wood stands as an anachronism, growing more dark and derelict with each passing year.

But appearances are deceptive. The people who work or live close to this wood continue to value it although in a different way to their predecessors. Many of them possess a love and concern for the natural world and also acknowledge the need for green places in their environment. They have joined together to form the Splatts Abbey Wood Conservation Group, with the aim of restoring and enhancing the woodland as a habitat for wildlife. They are also working to ensure that future developments in the area do not completely isolate it from other woodlands and the wider wildlife network.