The 19th to Early 20th Centuries

1881 Map of Splatts Abbey Wood

The 1881 map shows Splatts Abbey Wood and Wallshut Wood as having more or less the same shape as maps from the previous century. Part of Wallshut Wood was lost when the railway line crossed its territory during the 19th century.

Splatts Abbey Wood does mysteriously disappear on a map dating to 1842. Instead, the area covered by Plats Wood and Plats Patch in the 18th century, is simply described as ‘Splatts Abbey’ and marked to indicate that it was used as pasture or meadow. But it is shown on the 1811-1816 Ordnance Survey map and is mentioned in records from 1830. Its presence is again noted in 1878. Perhaps, being so small, it was overlooked by the mapmakers. Perhaps an attempt had been made to convert it to rough pasture. But it is difficult to destroy an old wood without grubbing out all the tree roots and then relentlessly cultivating it year after year.

Splatts Abbey Wood lived to witness another century. Interestingly, the existing oak and ash trees may date to about the time when the wood seemed to be absent - it could have been felled and new timber trees established.

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